The active seven 0′s tennis player just represents the that

Argentina's Vilas style supply of inspiration for the legend at the age of 25, won the French and U.S. Open champion Vilas substantial full irrigation season, in the year 16 occasions within a row to win the race victory, history single-season win most instances record holder, also set a single-season titles along with the most wins within a record in the ATP (men's specialist tennis circuit) Race the record shine through nowadays remains lips.
The active seven 0′s tennis player just represents the that beautiful retro era,puma running, puma ferrari shoes?in French 77 retro series the Villas showing by far the most 70 suave heroic, especially with quite high saturation of sky blue and bright blue with a low-key gray to production printing sports jacket, as a whole showed a low-key atmosphere of luxury,pumas unam, do then popular within the 1970s, stand-up collar neckline style, supplemented the cuffs cut small part Sweat-absorbent material, let this a retro tennis style is both popular and practical.
As for the 77 printing T-shirts, especially Villas each will bring headband on the court as well as hair styling imprint on this T-shirt features the engraved figures complete presentation of a spring color tones are particularly good with clothing; another tennis Printed T-shirt using net vivid artistry demonstrated pattern changes, together with the sapphire blue lines of color, can not help but think of this year's most red spider man 3 series of films,tenis puma, the lively and popular and eye-catching.

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